Hi! We Are Batons.

Introducing Batons the Band!


We are your newest friendly neighborhood indie rock band, Batons. We're very excited to introduce ourselves to all of you music-loving people, particularly in Portland, ME, Boston, MA, and the great Northeast that we've all called home for much of our collective lives. Here's a quick look at what makes us us:

Batons Drummer Mike Medina

Human Being #1: Mike Medina

Instrument: Drums

Formerly of: The Black Tie Affair, John Paul and the Courtship, The Threads

Interesting Fact: Lover and pending expatriate.

Batons Bassist Andy Gaudette

Human Being #2: Andy Gaudette

Instrument: Bass

Also of: Some Guys Band. Formerly of: John Paul and the Courtship

Interesting Fact: Body sculpted from a tub of butter.

Human Being #3: Justin Emile

Instrument: Guitar/Vox

Formerly of: Blackbutton, Aloud, Big East, The Threads

Interesting Fact: Jack of all trades. Aspiring master of something.

In the coming months we'll be releasing a couple of singles and playing some shows leading up to our record release in January. In the mean time, check us out at our very first show this Friday, September 28th at Sun Tiki Studios with Body Electric and Feral Comforts.

Friday, September 28th: Batons • Body Electric • Feral Comforts @ Sun Tiki Studios

Come out and say hello. We are anxious to make your acquaintance.

#batons #indierock #portlandmaine #bostonma #mikemedina #andygaudette #justinemile #shows

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